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Weekend is over again. After a continuous long weekends and a short week to work after, I want to take this opportunity to say a blanket wish. I know it’s very late but still!

This hit me when I saw there are some search in my blog on ‘Maulidur Rasul’ and that moved me. I didn’t do anything at all during Maulidur Rasul this year except being at home & working (like I don’t have other things to do).

Last 3 weeks we were traveling, almost every week, to out of town and a day trip! Fun & tiring a sure thing! The weekend before CNY started, we went east coast to Kuantan for a relative wedding. It was such a journey! We escaped the disastrous heavy traffic jam and back to KL on the same evening. The following weekend was another day trip to northern Selangor for a dear cousin sister’s wedding. Back in KL the same evening to prep for my portrait photography workshop on the very next day. How do you love  my life so far? The peak of all, went to visit the World Press Photo in Convex.

Here are some photos from the world I wish to share…

I warn you first

remembering Haiti

Haiti again

Merapi that you don’t want to see

this portrait series, I am BIG about this!

yeah! I like it big!

this granny seems not interested with the exhibition

from one of the series

I swear! some photos really moved me!



effortless! love the whole series!

try to picture yourself like this!

wonder what he feels when he know his photo travel all over the world & huge!

finger-pointing Aisha story

I learn to love through you, I learn to hate through you. But I still appreciate the power of love.

Salam Maulidur Rasul & Happy Chinese New Year.